Little One Feed For Mice 400g


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Mice are loved by many people because they are fluffy and funny pets. Mice are very picky in their food, in order to provide them with all the necessary biological and nutritional elements, a deliciously tasty Little One feed for mice was developed. Ideal bite size, balanced grain composition, great variety of seeds, vegetables and fruits, as well as many years of experience and the latest innovative technologies are the basis of Little One feed.
It represents a special feeding approach, designed to nourish small mammals according to their evolutionary adaptation, maintaining a high level of a happy and long life of the pet.

Every pack of nutrient-dense Little One feed for mice contains: – 33 different biologically appropriate ingredients to mirror the mice’s natural diet. – 100% natural ingredients in their most nourishing and tasty form. – 12,4% of richly nourishing protein to ensure the proper functioning of the body. – 7 types of puffed and flaked ingredients to fill the pet’s life with joy. – 20 elements of vitamin and mineral complex presented in the most digestible form. The complex is a great source of virtually every nutrient a mouse needs. – Variety of tasty vegetables and fruits to make the feed deliciously tasty for even the fussiest pets. – Ideal particle size of feed ingredients. – FOS as natural prebiotics will provide a comfortable digestion. – Biotin and zinc will help to keep the pet’s coat shiny and the skin healthy. – Yucca extract will help prevent the appearance of an unpleasant odours.