Little One Starter Set for New Hamster Owners


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These great Hamster Starter Kits come in colourful and handy carrier that was designed for safe and comfortable transportation of small mammals from the pet shops to their new loving homes.

It’s made of thick three-layer corrugated cardboard for ultimate safety, has lots of ventilation holes to ensure a good level of oxygen and a flat bottom to prevent injury.

Moreover it can be turned into a temporary pet house by removing the door on the side along the perforation line.

Each Kit contains food, treats and snacks HAMSTER FEED: wheat, red millet, white sorghum, barley, multigrain pellets, peeled oat, sunflower seeds, barley flakes, maize flakes, buckwheat, carob, pea flakes, wheat puffed, maize puffed, barley puffed, peanuts, maize, sweet lupin flakes, dried carrot, pumpkin seeds, fructooligosaccharides, yucca extract. Stick and Snack can vary