Little One Feed For Rabbits 900g


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Rabbits are cute and fun animals with a biological need for a diet rich in fibre and varied in plants and herbs. To give the rabbits all the nutrients they need to thrive, we have developed our deliciously tasty balanced Little One feed for rabbits.

Little One represents a special feeding approach designed to nourish rabbits according to their evolutionary adaptation to a diet rich and diverse not just in herbs and plants, but also in other plant-based ingredients. We created our feeds based on the best from nature and many years of experience working with breeders and applying the latest technologies and innovations.

Every pack of nutrient-dense Little One feed for rabbits contains: – 28 different biologically appropriate ingredients to nourish rabbits of every breed and all life stages according to their evolutionary and biological needs. – 25% of the feed are aromatic and freshly grown meadow grasses and herbs to create a ration wildly varied in fibre and to mirror the animal’s natural diet. – 17% of puffed ingredients with low bulk density which are turning proteins and carbohydrates into easy-to-digest nutrients. – 16,8% of various vegetables and rare fruit to make the feed deliciously tasty for even the fussiest eaters. – 16% of high-quality fibre for optimal health and digestion. – 20 elements of vitamin and mineral complex presented in the most digestible form. This complex is a great source of virtually every nutrient a rabbit needs. – FOS as natural prebiotics will provide a comfortable digestion. – Biotin and zinc will help to keep the rabbit’s coat shiny and the skin healthy. – Yucca extract will help to prevent the appearance of unpleasant odours.