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Who We Are

We’re passionate about pet health and wellbeing and offer an excellent range of quality foods, treats, toys and products to suit all requirements and most budgets.

Meet the Redpaw Team



When did you start Redpaw?
I started Redpaw in 2013, with a trade stand at local dog shows selling natural dog treats. From there my business soon grew with demand, so I opened my first shop. My eldest dog Gracie became ill during this time, this inspired me to manufacture and launch my own high quality dog food ranges to ensure I was able to help improve her health through nutrition. 
Areas of expertise?  

My expertise is in animal health and nutrition. I have over 30 years of experience in this field working with various animals but specialising in canines. I have various qualifications in Animal Nutrition, Homeopathy, Grooming, Behaviour, Pet First Aid and many more, including a Science Degree in Animal Health. I’m passionate about helping owners to improve their pets wellbeing and health through nutrition. 

Do you own any pets?
I have 4 whippets (Gracie 12, Devon 7, Bones 7, Darwin 5), 2 cats (a Birman – Solo and a moggy – Claws) and a tiny mouse called Minnie. 
What do you enjoy most about running your business? 

I really enjoy running my business, I find it incredibly rewarding when I can help customers pets to achieve better wellbeing through my consultation service. 

What is your favourite products? 
I couldn’t just recommend one product within my business, because I carefully select all the products I sell and I still say, if it’s not good enough for my pets I would not stock it for other owners to buy. 



When did you join Redpaw?
August 2020 
Area of expertise?
Small animals, dog health and nutrition. 
Do you own any pets?
A two-year-old English rabbit called Dave. I would eventually would like a golden retriever as I grew up with one in family.
What do you enjoy most about working at Redpaw?
The work environment – it is such a happy place with a wonderful network of people. We always support each other and help each other learn along the way.
One of the best things about working at Redpaw is hearing all of the positive feedback from our customers when we have helped overcome health problems for their animals. Here at Redpaw, we all have such passion for animals and there is no better feeling than helping animals live happy healthy lives.
What is the funniest thing that has happened to you in the job?
When I over ordered ice cream. I thought I had ordered three boxes, but ended up with 300 tubs – always have to see the funny side in retail.


Sales Assistant

When did you join Redpaw?
October 2019

Area of expertise?
Helping new customers transition their dogs to a natural diet.

Do you own any pets?
Dog – Hungarian Vizsla called Lallie, aged four and Dutch Warmblood horse called Lottie, aged 11.

What do you enjoy most about working at Redpaw?
I get great satisfaction from helping customers improved their pets health and nutrition. I also enjoy being able to extend my knowledge and continue to learn everyday working alongside Sammie. This has given me the confidence to support customer needs and help my family, friends with their pet concerns.

How did you come to work at Redpaw?
I aspired to work for Redpaw because of my old girl Neela. She was a Weimaraner and my first dog. She was everything to me and we went everywhere together.

Throughout Neela’s life, she suffered with a sensitive stomach, prompting endless vet visits which never seemed to solve the problem. It got to the stage where she was having at the veterinary hospital and it was suggested that it maybe she should be put to sleep. She was then 10 years old but I felt that maybe there was something more that could be done.

I went to see Sammie at Redpaw and she suggested a few adjustments to diet and within a few days, I noticed there were improvements. She maintained this for a further three years.

This made me realise how important diet is for our animals. I wanted to learn more and when a position became available at the shop, I was first at the door and have never looked back.


Sales Assistant

When did you join Redpaw?
October 2019 
Area of expertise?
I have successfully completed and passed the Dorwest advisors knowledge test and completed the Redpaw training with Nature’s Menu to become a raw food advisor. 
Do you own any pets?
Although I don’t own a pet myself, I pamper my parents cat. He’s a Ragdoll called Pixel who is seven years old. He is a real character and enjoys testing the treats and toys from Redpaw. 
What do you enjoy most about working at Redpaw?
The staff – we work well as a team and are supportive of each other. 

Redpaw Ambassadors

Gracie - Whippet

Redpaw Ambassador

When did I join?
I was unwell with pancreatitis and my human ‘Sammie’ struggled to find natural healthy food and treats for me to eat, so this inspired her to open Redpaw for me.

Area of expertise
I’m very good at testing foods and treats. Especially treats, I love to see how long they take to eat, how tasty and how chewy they are. I’m particularly good at modelling for photos because its so much fun and I get lots of fuss.

Who is in your family?
I live with my human, Sammie; she gives the best cuddles and spoils me. I also live with whippet son, daughter, grandson, two cats and a tiny mouse.

What do you enjoy about being part of Redpaw?
I love going to work, I get to meet customers. Spending time with the Redpaw team which is such fun.

What’s your best trick?
I sometimes sneak around the shop when everyone is busy and munch on a treat or two, or three, and they can’t find where they have gone. Ha!

What’s your favourite product?
I love so many, and I get spoilt with natural treats, but my favourite range is Kong, there are so many toys, soft cuddly ones, tuggy ones, ones that get filled with treats and even ones we take on walks with us. They are such fun and keep me busy for ages. Even my dog friends tell me how much fun they have with them.

Chenrezi - Tibetan Spanials

Redpaw Ambassador

When did you join Redpaw? 
I have been friends with Sammie many years and have been encouraging Sammie from day one of the Redpaw journey.

Area of expertise?
All aspects of the dog world – animal husbandry, dog breeding, exhibiting my show dogs all over the UK and Europe, judging dogs all over the world.

Do you own any pets?
Yes! 14 Tibetan Spaniels, ranging in age from 2yr old Finn to the matriarch, 13yr old Tia

What do you enjoy most about working with Redpaw?
I love the reliability of Redpaw products. I love the quality of the food and I love the fact that feeding Redpaw keeps my dogs in tip top condition.

What’s the funniest thing that’s happen to you in your role as an ambassador?
For me, one of the funniest things is when I tell people that my cute, fluffy little dogs are all fed on Redpaw raw dog food and that they like nothing more than munching on furry rabbit ears or chicken feet.

Redpaw - a Natural Choice

Whether you prefer to shop online or in person, we promise you a vast selection of natural products, carefully selected to support your pet’s health and wellbeing.

Our Plympton shop is the ‘go to’ store for Devon pet owners. This includes the largest range of raw and frozen foods in the South West. 

However, if you live further afield, we still have an amazing range available online and if you would like the help and advice that we offer in person – just contact us and we will do our best to help and advise the best products to meet your pet’s needs. Nutritional Consultation are available to be booked with Sammie if you would like your pet to have a bespoke nutritional plan. 

Our Story


Our story starts with Sammie the Redpaw owner and her passion for animals.  Redpaw was started in 2013 when Sammie was regularly attending dog shows with her whippets. Her interest in natural foods has been a life long passion but was heightened when one of her dogs, Gracie, developed pancreatitis – a condition that can be helped with feeding the correct nutritional diet. 

She began with sourcing products that offered the best nutritional benefits and took them to shows to sell. Repeat orders followed, so Sammie started to place a bulk orders. Six months later, she had her first shop and has subsequently taken on bigger premises twice since. 

Sammie then worked carefully with the UK leading pet food manufactures to develop her own raw and dry foods. In addition to this has successfully launched her own range of veterinary approved nutritional supplements. 

Redpaw’s reputation continues to grow and an increasing interest in natural products has led to a wider online customer base.