Redpaw Superboost 100% Pure Cold Pressed Hemp Oil – for dogs and cats


Redpaw Superboost for Dogs and Cats

Is a high specification skin and coat supplement for all dogs and cats, made with 100% high quality Hemp oil to promote healthy skin, a glossy coat and normal moulting cycles. Also helps to maintain an active immune system and the natural chlorophyll content acts as a deodoriser.



Hemp is by far one of best sources of Omega 3 in the plant world.
Whilst there is nothing wrong with the general use of fish oil for cats and dogs, some do not like the smell / taste or may have sensitives to them.
Redpaw Superboost is 100% fish which free means it is vegan friendly, and for those pets who need to use an animal free, plant based option, Hemp Oil offers this whilst still being a very suitable, highly beneficial oil for your dog or cat.
Suitable for pets on all diets, dry, wet, raw, DIY, or mix etc (giving owners the additional option to  raw feed and still have a reduction of animal byproducts within the diet).
  • The perfect balance of Omega 3 & 6
  • Helps the body produce EPA & DHA
  • Great source of natural vitamin E
  • Helps maintain a healthy glossy coat
  • Helps maintain healthy skin
  • Helps maintain normal moulting cycles
  • Helps maintain good fertility status
  • 100% Grainfree

Composition – 100% Pure Hemp Seed Oil 

Analytical Constituents- 100% Crude Fat

Recommended Levels – Feed 2ml per 6kg of weight (each pump is approximately 2ml)

We recommend you introduce any new supplements to your pets diet, gradually over a few days and build up to the required daily amount.

500mls bottle with pump