Premium Green Clay 500g


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The Clay Cure


Pure Premium
Green Montmorillonite
100% Natural feed additive

Green clay can be used to help when pets are suffering from the following:

Skin irritation, itchy, hotspots

Digestive disturbances (Neutralises plant toxins)

Bacterial and fungal/yeast infections


Wounds (dries and protects – apply dry powder to the wound)


Suggested use: 1 tbsp green clay 100 ml cool spring or purified water for each tsp of clay Mix the correct measurement of clay with water as specified above. Let this slurry stand overnight. Give to your pet with a syringe or in some wet food the next morning on an empty stomach. Wait at least two hours to feed full breakfast. Make sure your pet has access to unlimited fresh water throughout the treatment. Clay Water: Add a 1 tsp of clay to a bowl of spring water. Let it soak for 2 hours and give to your pet. Replace bowl every day following the same process. Externally: You can make a thick paste using one part Montmorillonite Clay and two parts water for use as a poultice, spread onto gauze for secure application. The poultice may also be warmed. Some holistic veterinarians mix Montmorillonite Clay with healing herbs, essential oils or extra virgin coconut oil for a natural ointment Or Topical dried powder:- cover wounds or broken skin with generous amounts of dry clay. Re-apply when it has absorbed. Both red and green clay have antibacterial properties; they protect the wound from flies and other matter, helping to keep it clean while drawing out toxins Abscesses – make a poultice using water and clay to enhance its drawing properties If you require more details please contact us or book a consultation.