Why do cats love boxes so much?

One of the reasons why cats are often attracted to boxes is related to their natural survival instincts and feline behaviour. Like many other animals, cats have an innate urge to seek out small, enclosed spaces for security and safety. Boxes provide a sense of protection and allow cats to fulfil their instinctual desires to hide, rest, and observe their environment without being easily seen or approached from multiple angles.

Additionally, cats are highly territorial creatures, and boxes can become their personal territory within the larger space. By claiming a box as their own, cats feel a sense of ownership and control, which provides them with a feeling of comfort and reduces their stress levels.

Furthermore, boxes serve as an excellent way for cats to regulate their body temperature. Cats have a higher body temperature than humans, and they tend to feel more comfortable in warmer environments. Boxes provide an enclosed space that helps to retain the cat’s body heat, creating a cozy and warm microclimate that can be particularly appealing to them.

In summary, cats’ affinity with boxes is rooted in a combination of their natural instincts for seeking shelter, establishing territory, and regulating body temperature.

So the next time you’re about to throw a box into your recycling, why not give it to your cat to enjoy for a few days before you pop it in the bin.

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