Tips to Prevent Flystrike 

Flystrike, also known as myiasis, is a serious condition that occurs when flies lay their eggs on a rabbit’s skin. The eggs hatch into maggots which burrow into the tissue and feed on the rabbit. This can cause severe pain, infection, and even death if left untreated. Here are some ways to prevent and treat flystrike in rabbits:

  1. Keep your rabbit’s living area clean: make sure to keep their living area is clean and free from faeces, urine and other debris that may attract flies.
  2. Check your rabbit frequently: look for rabbit signs of flystrike daily, such as dirty or matted fur, open wounds and excessive scratching or licking.
  3. Use fly repellents: fly sprays, citronella, or fly screens will help keep flies away from your rabbit.
  4. Trim your rabbit’s fur: if your rabbit has long fur, consider trimming it to make it easier to clean and less attractive to flies.
  5. Treat any wounds immediately: if you notice any wounds or injuries on your rabbit, clean them immediately and apply an antiseptic ointment such as Leucillin to prevent infection.
  6. Seek veterinary help: if you suspect your rabbit has flystrike, seek veterinary attention immediately. The vet can safely remove the maggots and provide antibiotics to prevent infection.

In summary, by keeping your rabbit’s living area clean, checking them regularly, using fly repellents, trimming their fur, treating wounds immediately, and seeking veterinary help when necessary, you can prevent and treat flystrike in your rabbit.

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