Redpaw Easi-Tum (250g refill bag)


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Redpaw Easi-Tum

250g Refill bag 

Easi-Tum is a high specification digestion supplement for all dogs; designed to address intestinal challenges, maintain health and aid digestion.


Easi-Tum is recommended for dogs that need support with digestive health. A healthy dog exhibits its physical state through the quality of its skin and coat, the brightness of its eyes and its normal behaviour.

Easi-Tum is a combination of 12 active nutraceuticals, herbs and microscopic compounds, designed to support digestive health and help keep your dog in first-class physical condition.


Benefits of Feeding Easi-Tum

  • Contains a powerful and effective formulation for addressing gut hygiene.
  • Contains 3 prebiotics to sustain friendly bacteria.
  • Provides natural antioxidants for a healthy gut.
  • Provides a unique combination of 12 active nutraceuticals.
  • Contains high levels of Omega 3 to support optimum health and performance.
  • Wheat gluten free.
  • A 100% Non GM, soya free formulation.

Redpaw Easi-Tum


  • Black Oats
  • Hemp Seed Meal
  • Micronized Beet Pulp
  • Cane Molasses
  • 10% Prebiotic Oligosaccharides
  • 3.5% Verm-X Botanicals
  • 2.5% Vegetable Oils & Fats
  • 0.5% Curcumin

Analytical Constituents

  • 12% Crude Protein
  • 8% Crude Fat
  • 12% Crude Fibre
  • 6% Crude Ash

How to Feed

  • Simply mix with your pet’s normal feed.
  • Easi-Tum can be fed to many pets regardless of age, size or level of exercise.​
  • For continued support, Easi-Tum is recommended to be fed on a daily basis.

Recommended daily levels.

Small Blue Scoop = 2gms

Large Blue Scoop = 10gms

Small Pet / Cats

1gm per kg of body weight

(3gms for 3kg cat)

Toy / Small Dogs (Up to 15kgs)

5gms per Day

Medium / Large Dogs (15 – 30kgs)

10gms per Day

Very Large Dogs (Over 30kgs)

30gms per Day