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Redpaw Easi-Raw for dogs & cats 
One of the most important things you can add to your pets raw diet is Redpaw Easi-Raw.

Redpaw Easi-Raw is recommended for dogs & cats that need support with their raw diet. A healthy dog exhibits its physical state through the quality of its skin and coat, the brightness of its eyes and its normal behaviour.

Why should I use Easi-Raw

Based on the increase in homemade raw feeding to cats & dogs – and potential shortfalls of micronutrients – Easi-Raw seeks to provide a comprehensive supply of vitamins, minerals and trace elements, to support a fresh diet.

Easi-raw helps to ensure you are providing your pet with the essential micronutrient intake in a very convenient, and palatable, pellet.

Easi-raw is not just for those being fed a homemade raw diet. If feeding your pet a reduced diet, to support weight loss for example, you can still use Easi-Raw to help top up the Vitamins and Minerals to ensure they are still getting enough every day.

If your raw fed cat is fed on a fish only diet, or if the meat content is low, Easi-Raw is a good source of Taurine, an essential amino acid required to maintain a healthy heart.

Redpaw Easi-Raw for dogs & cats (500g tub)


  • Micronized Beet Pulp
  • Hemp seed meal
  • Copra meal
  • Grassmeal
  • Salmon Oil
  • Sunflower oil
  • Seaweed meal

Analytical Constituents (per 10g)

•Protein 12.0% •Oil 7.0% •Fibre 18.0% •Ash 10.0% •Folic acid 0.5 mg •Pantothenic acid 1 mg •Iron 10 mg •Iodine 0.2mg •Copper 2 mg •Zinc 30 mg

•Manganese 5 mg •Taurine 100 mg •Carnitine 10 mg •Vitamin A 3400iu •Vitamin D 3300iu •Vitamin E 25mg •Omega 3 fatty acids 100mg •Selenium 50mcg •Vitamin K 400mcg •Vitamin B1 500mcg •Vitamin B2 120mcg •Vitamin B6 500mcg •Vitamin B12 10mcg •Choline 150mg •Betaine 250mg

•Biotin 50mcg

How to Feed

  • Simply mix with your pet’s normal feed.
  • The below amounts can be halved for those feeding kibble at a reduced rate.
  • For those who produce their own raw diet, Easi-Raw is recommenced to be fed on a daily basis.

​Recommended daily levels.

Small Blue Scoop = 2gms

Large Blue Scoop = 10gms


1gm per kg of body weight

(3gms for 3kg cat)

Toy / Small Dogs (Up to 15kgs)

5gms per Day

Medium / Large Dogs (15 – 30kgs)

10gms per Day

Very Large Dogs (Over 30kgs)

30gms per Day