Moo Moo Box (100% Natural Beef Dog Treats)


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Our Redpaw Moo Moo Boxes are packed with lots of treats for your dog. Super value for you. With a selection of some longer lasting natural chewy dehydrated 100% Beef treats and some quick snacks, these boxes will get your dogs tails wagging. 

Just Beef, no other proteins, all treats are 100% Beef. 

Key advantages include:-

  • 100% natural beef 
  • Mixture of Long-lasting and snack treats
  • No additives
  • Bacteria free
  • Great for guilt-free snacking

The Moo Moo box contains a selection of 

Beef Jerky, Hide, Tripe, Biltong, Chewy, Cows Ear, Trachea, Tail, Tendon. 

Order 2 or more boxes, receive £2.00 off! Use code ‘RSEL’ at the checkout to receive the special offer. 

Contains may vary slightly to pictures shown, but boxes will always offer great selection and value.