Dog/Cat Nutritional Feeding Consultation


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Dog / Cat Nutritional Feeding Consultation  – is designed to help owners to improve their pet’s nutritional requirements. We understand through research, that nutrition is fundamentally key to overall health and well being in us and our pets. Here at Redpaw we are passionate about providing pet owners with the best knowledge available, for you to be able to understand the huge array of pet diets and supplements on the market.

Our Animal Health Nutrition Consultant will carefully review your Pre-Assessment* and be fully aware of the goals you would like to achieve with your pet.

We will then arrange a consultation 30-40 mins with you to talk about your concerns, answer questions and provide advice & information.

Once complete we will then prepare and email you, your pet’s personalised detailed report and feeding plan.

You will also receive a starter supplement pack if needed & 14 days of email support** after your consultation.

Consultations can take place in person at the SWAN centre, at Redpaw Pet Supplies, Unit 41G Valley Rd, Plympton PL7 1AB or over the telephone or via FaceTime or Zoom. We will email with a selection of appointments for you to choose from to suit your needs. Evening consultation appointments are only available via telephone or FaceTime or Zoom. *Pre-Assessment – All consultations include a Pre-Assessment, which needs to be completed by the pet owner before the full consultation can take part. We ask you to complete our comprehensive Pre – Assessment fully, to give us full history of your pets requirements, issues and life-style which allow us to fully prepare for your consultation. **Email support – email will be answered within 48hrs Monday to Fridays between 10am – 4pm All consultations must be paid in full prior to booking appointment. If you wish to cancel your consultation appointment, please provide at least 48hrs notice. Cancellations will incur a £10 fee. No shows will incur a £50 fee. Tips to prepare for your consultation – think about how you most want us to help your pet, write down your questions and bring a note pad and pen, so you can make lots of notes. We will provide you with lots of information and you won’t want to forget anything. FAQs Do I need to bring my pet? We are here to help support your pet’s conditions through diet and nutritional supplements, so often we do not need to see your pet during your consultation. Plus, this can be very distracting for you if your pet is asking for your attention when we are providing you with lots of information and you’re trying to make notes. However, we do recommend prior to your consultation you weigh your pet, we will need this information for diet planning. We have scales at Redpaw which you will be invited to use if you do not know your pet’s weight. Pet Nutritional Health Consultation Service  It is important to remember our Pet Nutrition Heath Consultation Service is provided by our fully qualified and experienced team. Please note we are not vets, we do not advise on prescription medications. It is important you visit your vet if your pet shows any signs of ill health. Will my pet insurance company pay for the consultation service? Pet insurance companies often cover our service. Please contact your insurance company and vet before booking your consultation and ask your vet for a referral letter, if you wish for your insurance to pay for our service.