How we make our Redpaw dry pet foods

In order to give our pets the best chance of a long and healthy life, it’s vital that we provide them with a nutritious and well-balanced diet. That is the basis of why we created Redpaw Pet Food – using the finest ingredients, from ethically sourced producers.

Our dry foods are produced using fresh meats and fish from farms and fisheries we know and trust.

From the highlands of Scotland to the Southern Suffolk coast, each supplier has been handpicked and are regularly assessed against European welfare standards.

Ingredients are transported in refrigerated vehicles to maintain freshness and when they arrive at the manufacturing centre, are immediately checked by expert laboratory technicians who check appearance, temperature and aroma, and send samples sent for testing. Each lab test assesses protein, moisture, oil and mineral content of all meat and fish used. This is crucial to make sure all they remain of the highest standard.

When the cooking process gets underway, the ingredients are slowly cooked at low temperatures which means the molecular structure of the proteins are not damaged. We make many different varieties and flavours and ensure that every recipe is accurately made and all ingredients handled with care.

Dry foods are produced using a process called extrusion, using equipment at one of the most advanced pet food manufacturing centres in the world. This process allows us to include very high levels of fresh meat in our tasty dry pet food recipes.

The final stage sees our products packed, with the same attention to detail, to ensure that the fantastic product inside is protected and its optimum freshness maintained.

Redpaw are passionate about promoting pet health and well-being in animals.

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