Does Your Cat Drink Enough?

Cats can be extremely fussy when it comes to drinking water and fluids, but our felines should drink water every day to stay healthy and happy.

You should make sure your cat has a clean, fresh source of water always.

  • Never give your cat cows milk, as cats are lactose intolerant and the milk can cause them to become unwell, often causing digestive issues and upset stomachs. This can also happen with milk substitutes such as oat or nut milks, which are not recommended.

However, if you would like to treat your cat to a special drink occasionally then, lactose free milks, such as goats’ milk or even bone broths, both make yummy natural substitute.

Here’s a good guide to how much water a cat should drink each day:

  • Kitten up to three months (1.4kg) – 70ml
  • Six-month-old kitten (2.7kg) – 135ml
  • Medium cat (4kg) – 200ml
  • Large cat (6kg) – 300ml

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