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Are you swayed by pet industry marketing or are making informed nutritional choices when it comes to your pet’s food?

Pet food companies use clever marketing tactics to appeal to pet owners and make their products stand out. This includes:

  1. Alluring packaging: many pet food brands use eye-catching designs with pictures of fresh, wholesome ingredients or cute animals to grab attention.
  2. Emotional appeals: brands may play on pet owners’ emotions by using heartwarming stories or images of pets perhaps linking to specific breeds.
  3. Celebrity endorsements: Some brands use celebrities to promote their products, relying on their popularity and the trust that consumers have in certain public figures.
  4. Nutritional claims: claims about nutritional benefits, such as “dental healthy” or “all-natural,” may appeal to health-conscious pet owners.
  5. Taste-testing ads: Some brands use taste-testing ads, where pets happily eat their food on camera, to showcase the product’s palatability.

It’s important to remember that while clever marketing can be enticing, it’s always best to do your own research and consult with an animal nutritionist  to determine the best diet for your pet’s specific needs. 

The first ingredient in a quality dog food should be a high-quality protein source. This could be in the form of chicken, beef, turkey, fish, or another protein. Look for whole freshly prepared meats rather than by-products or meat meals, which are generally less processed and contain more nutrients. 

It’s important to note that the quality of the entire formula is dependent on how it is processed and prepared as many are over cooked at extreme temperatures, damaging the quality of the ingredients, making them much less digestible and lacking in other essential nutrients. This may not provide the balanced diet that your pet needs.

What to discover more about nutrition and how it can be tailored to your pet?

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