Vet Bedding 1m


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Hem & Boo Vet Bedding Fabric Pet Mat is a warm & comfortable mat which is ideal for keeping your dog cosy and warm. It is perfect for all life stages and can be used in crates, the back of the car and puppy pens or anywhere you want to keep your pet cosy. It has a green non-slip backing to prevent slipping. Hem & Boo Grey Vet Bedding Fabric Pet Mat is strong and durable while maintaining softness, warmth and comfort. Plus this pet mat is hygienic, non irritant and non allergenic.

Advantages of Hem & Boo Grey Vet Bedding Fabric Pet Mat:

  • Birth Stage: VetBed keeps the mother and baby warm and dry whilst retaining body heat. The texture gives comfort and security and encourages mobility in the younger by aiding grip.
  • Younger Dogs: VetBed keeps your younger dog dry, safe and warm. The special drainage properties ensure they stay dry and warm even in the event of an accident.
  • Older Dogs: VetBed helps older dogs enjoy higher degree of comfort and mobility. The Fabric Pet Mat offers constant warmth from the heat retaining properties of the fibres. It comforts dogs requiring hospitalisation or pre/ post operative care.

This listing is for a 1m length of vet bedding.

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