Plutos Peanut Butter Bones (Small )


Peanut Butter flavour cheese bone. 

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Plutos natural, healthy dog  bone is a new generation of chew.

Plutos  Bones contain 100% natural ingredients and are made from the pure and natural protein casein, which cleans teeth and promotes dental protection against bacteria. Casein slows digestibility and promotes fat loss by increasing metabolism.

Plutos cheese chews are an excellent, rich and healthy source of protiens (50%), calcium and minerals for your dog. It is a low fat (0.2%) and low carbohydrate, lactose free and completely digestible chew.

Key Features:

  • Nylon, rawhide & lactose FREE
  • Low calorie
  • Will not splinter
  • 100% certified natural colours from beetroot, carrot & beef
  • No stains
  • Gluten free

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