Dooley’s Biological Odour Remover – Lemon Fresh (500ml)


Removes odours left by pets around the house and car.


Dooley’s Biological Odour Remover – Lemon Fresh

This biological controller is effective against most odours from organic sources.

Use in animal waste bins and any area that has lingering pet odours.

It can be used on animal bedding, fabrics or carpets to remove unpleasant odours.

Dooleys Bio Odour Lemon Trigger


  • We had a real problem with foxes weeing on our bins until we used Dooley’s Bio Odour Remover, this product removed the smell and seems to stop them re-peeing. Barbara J London
  • No more smelly cat litter trays when I spray them with Dooley’s Bio Odour Remover. Gemma H Kent 
  • I have had a poorly dog lately and had to clean up a number of unspeakable’s with the help of the Odour Remover and Universal Cleaner, which have done the trick and saved my poor cream carpets! I would highly recommend Dooley’s cleaning products to anyone with messy pooches. Becks Keighley, West Yorkshire