Dog Nutrition

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Offer Canine Nutritional Advice?

It is very difficult to choose the right diet for your puppy or dog, when there is such a mind boggling selection on the market. A balanced diet plays a huge part in maintaining your pets health and vitality.

The right food makes a big difference. We are what we eat, and this is the same for our pets.

Many basic health issues in our pets can be the effect of a poor diet, or wrong diet for your pet. 
Skin conditions
Poor mobility
Itchy Skin
Coat conditions
Smelly doggie coats
Room clearing wind
Loose stools
Ear problems
Teeth & dental hygiene & bad breath
Tear stains
Over weight or too thin
Poor immune system
Poor digestive system
Stress & excitability
If your dog has any of the above contacts us for a consultation

Top 10 reasons to change your dogs diet to help improve their health

  1. Glossy coat and better skin
  2. Less poo, wind, or doggie smells, better breath
  3. Stronger immune system to help fight off illness or infections
  4. Improved gastrointestinal health
  5. Eye and ear condition improvements or can completely clear up
  6. Weight loss of over weight pets
  7. Can help improve blood sugar levels if your dog has diabetes
  8. Reduced over growth of yeast
  9. Less itchy skin, from food intolerances and allergies
  10. Happier dog